Thunder All-Stars   


The league All-Star game was discontinued after Fall of 2013. 


Fall 2013 (18AAA)

pic smallEric Morales

pic smallJohn Dolan

pic smallBJ Smith


Spring 2013 (18AA)

pic smallEric Morales

pic smallLouie Napoleon

pic smallRudy Plasencia

pic smallSteve Arnold

pic smallJeff Tomlinson 

pic small*Jason Russianoff (Replacement for Tomlinson)


Fall 2011 (AA)

Carlos Castaneda

Chris Snyder

Evan D'Angelo

Stuart Machado


Spring 2011 (AAA)

Brian Holden

Ryan McDonald

Dave Gariepy

Jimmy Efre

Brian Fitzsimmons

Max Johnson

*Rob Wiley (Replacement for Dave Gariepy)
*Eric Morales (Replacement for Brian Holden) - (Named All-Star Game MVP)
*Donnie Fitzgerald (Replacement for Brian Fitzsimmons)


Fall 2010 (AAA)

Jimmy Efre

Brian Fitzsimmons

Max Johnson

Rob Wiley

Mike Wood

Brian Holden

*Louie Napoleon (Replacement for Brian Holden)

*Eric Morales (Replacement for Rob Wiley)

*Ryan McDonald (Replacement for Jimmy Efre)


Spring 2010 (AAA)

Max Johnson

Jimmy Efre

Billy Brescia

Rob Wiley

Danny LaPerna (Named All-Star Game MVP)

Brian Fitzsimmons


Fall 2009 (AAA)

Danny Laperna

Eric Morales

Brian Fitzsimmons


Fall 2007 (AAA)

Eric Morales (Named All-Star Game MVP)

Jim Oberdier

Dave Page


Spring 2006 (AAA)

Jeff Wisinski

Louie Napoleon

Eric Morales

Jim Oberdier (Replacement for Eric Morales)


Fall 2005 (AA)

Robert Mil

Eric Morales

Brian Micklos

John Mora

Mike Soulen

Matt Sanchez